Tired of receiving holiday (or any occasion) cards only electronically? Do you long for a “hand-made” hard copy card that actually comes in the mail or by personal delivery?

In this workshop each participant creates a one-of-a-kind card for a particular person or an original that can then be scanned and reproduced for multiple cards at a local print shop (like FedEx Kinko’s) or online.

  • Wedding invitations/announcements, birth or graduation announcements, thank-you cards, etc. become very special.
  • Participants create cards with collage materials (colored and decorative papers, photographic images, lettering, etc.) supplied by the instructor.
  • A perfect workshop near the holiday season or Valentine’s Day…or anytime.


For more information or to book an ART FOR LUNCH session, please contact Prudy Kohler at prudy@artforlunch.com or (415) 621-5829.

“Sharing an art project with my friends at last month’s book group in my home was great fun, and an interesting change from our usual discussions.” - Reading group member