Participants make individual collages or work together to create one or more collaborative pieces expressing a particular theme, organizational goals, values, etc.

  • Participants use “found” materials: a wide variety of colored and decorative papers, photographic images, lettering, etc. all supplied by ART FOR LUNCH, or participants can bring their own photos or materials.
  • Focus of the session is tailored to your group’s needs.
  • With assistance from the instructor in composition, arrangement, and color choices, participants apply materials to a backing canvas with glue.
  • Each individual or group shows and gives to the assembled full group a brief explanation (relating to the theme, if applicable) of the finished piece.


For more information or to book an ART FOR LUNCH session, please contact Prudy Kohler at or (415) 621-5829.

“To a person, all members of our team were engaged, and we got new insights on our individual work styles.” - CEO, health care organization

collage_row1L to R: Group collage from bachelorette party; Collage workshop in progress; De-brief/sharing session of individual collages

collage_row2A collage workshop at a children's birthday party. Each child made a self-portrait collage, featuring a polaroid of themselves and their name.