ART FOR LUNCH is an on-site, hands-on, art-making workshop for a group of friends of any age. It is

  • a terrific way to provide an innovative activity to enhance a party or group gathering
  • perfect for breaking down barriers among people
  • excellent for allowing old friends to learn more about each other
  • a chance for everyone to feel success
  • fun for all ages


  • A professional artist, seasoned in teaching and team-building facilitates an interactive workshop in an innovative art technique.
  • ART FOR LUNCH brings all materials and supplies.
  • The workshop takes place in your home or other venue of your choice.
  • The playing field is completely level—absolutely no previous art experience required of participants.
  • The session lasts as long as you request: at least 60 minutes.
  • Sessions are tailored to achieve the results YOU want: see examples below.
  • If participants have more arts experience, a more advanced workshop can be created.
  • Everyone leaves with a finished piece of art (framed and/or matted) OR the group makes a keepsake for the party honoree.
  • Sessions are easily melded into other party activities: food, beverages, toasts, gift-exchanges.


  • Attendees at a wedding shower, baby shower, bachelorette party work together to make a group collage for the honoree. Participants can bring their own photos if desired.
  • Friends at an adult birthday party gather together to make individual pieces of button jewelry.
  • Friends gather for an outdoor summer party and learn innovative photo techniques.
  • Friends gather indoors or outdoors for an afternoon of sketching.
  • Kids make individual “self-portrait” collages at a birthday party.


  • Wedding showers (in homes and in restaurants); coed and single sex participants
  • Baby showers
  • Bachelorette parties
  • Birthday parties for adults and kids (6 and older)
  • Staff holiday parties
  • Retirement parties (in homes and offices)
  • Catch-up (“haven’t seen you in too long”) parties in homes
  • Book club meetings


Party workshops are priced individually, depending upon technique selected and duration. Payment in full, by cash or check, due at time of workshop.

Cancellation policy
Payment, minus $25 processing fee, is refundable up to 48 hours before scheduled session.

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